Michigan Library Association Opposes Plan to Divide
Library of Michigan Assets and Slash Funding

Libraries calling Snyder’s budget ‘a perfect storm’

Herald Palladium
March 13, 2011

ST. JOSEPH – Gov. Rick Snyder’s proposed budget endangers Michigan eLibrary (MeL) services, including interlibrary loans and electronic access to databases, newspapers and magazines, library officials say.

“That will be a huge impact if the budget goes through as is,” said St. Joseph Public Library Director Stephanie Masin.

The MeL allows users to go online and do extensive research, look for jobs and prepare for jobs, and request any book from any participating library in the state.

“If we don’t have (the book) here, another library in the state probably does, whether it’s Kalamazoo, Detroit or Battle Creek,” Masin said. “As long as it’s in a MeL library we can request it and have it for our customer, usually within a week.”

If Snyder’s budget is enacted, “That will go away,” Masin said. Full article

Library Funding Cuts
East Lansing Public Library
March 9, 2011

How does a newbie get to know the Greater Lansing area? You attend Ignite Lansing, a Lansing Derby Vixens roller derby bout, an MSU men’s hockey game and the fun and enriching programs at the East Lansing Public Library, including a concert by Josh White, Jr., are just a few of the things I have done to get to know the Greater Lansing area. Since I am a Big Ten basketball fan, (men’s and women’s) I wanted to make it to a basketball game, however, that will have to wait until next season. I have so enjoyed meeting many community members and library patrons. Thank you to everyone who invited me to lunch, dinner and into their homes. Thank you for welcoming to the community!

It was my hope, as the new director of the East Lansing Public Library, that I would not have to do my first blog post on the funding crisis facing Michigan libraries. However, the budget proposed by Governor Snyder, currently sitting in front of our legislators, is bleak for libraries and our patrons. The Governor’s budget proposes cutting 40 percent of state aid to libraries. The Michigan Library Association said, “the perfect storm of budget cuts take libraries back 50 years.” The cuts will affect the services that the East Lansing Public Library provides to the community, specifically interlibrary loan and research databases. Full article

I Hate Losing My Library

March 9, 2011

I write a lot of different things for Metro Parent, both silly little essays about parenting and straight articles about serious issues. I usually love what the staff does with the artwork that goes with my work. Recently, they used Popsicle sticks to spell out how I hate being a room mom. Hysterical!

But I didn’t have a good reaction the first time I saw this month’s print Metro Parent cover that accompanies the article (I wrote) about the importance of libraries. When I saw the little girl on the cover and the headline that said “Long Live Libraries,” I burst into tears. Full article

WASHTENAW COUNTY: Local libraries to lose aid under Snyder’s budget cuts proposal

Heritage Newspapers
March 1, 2011

Schools and local governments aren’t the only places where residents may see budget cuts from Gov. Rick Snyder’s proposal.

Libraries would lose $2.3 million in state aid if the Republican governor from Ann Arbor’s proposal is approved. Library services would lose 9.4 percent of their budget, bringing it down to $13.7 million.
“Certainly, I’m disappointed,” said Paul McCann, director of the Dexter District Library. “I think we’re looking at being funded at 20 percent of state statute (down from 37 percent).

“When you’re cutting that down to 20 percent of full funding … essentially it’s gone.”  Full article

Fremont Area District Library Cuts Hours and Staff

Fremont, Mich. – The Board of Trustees of the Fremont Area District Library cut library hours and reduced staff this past week in response to the fiscal crisis at the library and within the state. The Board regrets reducing hours of public service, but is facing a “perfect storm” of funding cuts that has reduced the library’s budget by over $100,000 for the current year.

The State of Michigan eliminated reimbursement of the Agricultural Processing Renaissance Zone this year – cutting the library’s budget directly by $45,000. Combined with the decline in property values and the increased capture of taxes by the City of Fremont, the library has seen its projected revenue drop by over $100,000. Full release

Why Libraries Matter
Jack Lessenberry’s Essays and Interviews
March 1, 2011

Libraries are trouble in many places; the Detroit Public Library announced massive layoffs last week. Michigan Radio’s Jack Lessenberry wonders if our priorities are in the right place.

Predicting the future can be a dangerous thing. When I was a child in the early nineteen-sixties, I used to watch a television show that predicted how we’d live in the far-off world of 2000.

By then, I was told, our homes would be heated by mini-nuclear power plants in the basement and we’d take our private helicopters to work. Nobody, however, saw the coming of the Internet. Full article

Michigan Library Community Suffers “a Perfect Storm of Funding Cuts”
February 25, 2011

The State of Michigan is the latest to propose significant cuts to library services as a way to deal with a major budget deficit. At the same time, the state’s largest public library system, Detroit Public Library (DPL), announced substantial staff reducations in anticipation of a growing budget shortfall, and the Troy Public Library may have finally lost its battle to survive.

Michigan cuts aid to local libraries Michigan governor Rick Snyder’s proposed FY11/12 budget, which still must pass through the state legislature, proposes $13.7 million for all library services, including state aid to regional and local libraries and the Library of Michigan. This amounts to a $2.3 million decrease, or 9.4 percent, but incorporates an additional $950,000 for the Michigan eLibrary. Full article

The Perfect Storm of Budget Cuts Take Libraries Back 50 Years

LANSING, Mich. – The Michigan Library Association board of directors today expressed concern with Governor Rick Snyder’s proposed 2011-2012 Fiscal Year Budget announced last week. The Governor’s budget proposes cutting 40 percent of state aid to libraries, meaning all libraries are in jeopardy of losing statewide library services.

“This is coupled with the fact that we are facing a perfect storm of funding cuts – every source of funding available to libraries– state aid, renaissance zone reimbursements, tax capture of dedicated library millages, elimination of personal property taxes and Federal funds – is being chopped-off at the knees. There isn’t much more we can take and be expected to survive,” said Christine Berro, Michigan Library Association Board President. Full press release

Grand Rapids Public Library prepares for more cuts
WZZM TV-13 Grand Rapids
February 18, 2011

Governor Snyder’s budget plan includes deep cuts for West Michigan libraries.

The director of the Grand Rapids Public Library says when she arrived six years ago, the library received $198,000 in state aid. That’s now down to $36,000.

The library is already trimming its budget because it no longer receives a tax break for being in a renaissance zone. Full article

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