Local library officials react to possible state cuts
September 29, 2009, Grand Haven Tribune

The Michigan House voted Tuesday to cut state aid to local libraries by 40percent.
Lawmakers have until midnight Wednesday to erase a $2.8 billion shortfall or there may be a partial shutdown of state government.
Aid to local libraries would drop from $10 million to $6 million under a budget bill approved 74-34 Tuesday by the Democratic-led House. The Republican-controlled Senate will vote on the bill next before it heads to Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm. (full article)

Librarians raise voices
September 11, 2009, Lansing State Journal

Hundreds of librarians and library advocates urged state legislators Thursday to maintain the current $10million in local library funding for the upcoming budget year.

“It’s now – when the economy is in a difficult situation – that we should be investing more in libraries,” said John Barnes, who spoke at a rally on the Capitol steps. He is executive vice president for strategic marketing and business development at Gale, a Farmington Hills-based information publisher that worksfrequently with libraries. (full article)

Michigan Library Supporters Rally at Capital
September  11, 2009, Library Journal

Some 500 Michigan librarians and library supporters, many ofthem wearing red t-shirts that said Protect Michigan Libraries, rallied yesterday at the capitol in Lansing against proposed state Senate cuts in statewide support for libraries. (full article)

Protestors Want Balanced Books To Save Libraries
September 10, 2009, WLNS

Funding is fundamental. That’s the messagelibrarians from across michigan brought to theCapitol – hoping lawmakers will check them out.

The group wants to keep its $10 million dollars infunding. But as the state scrambles for money, they’re concerned lawmakers will cut library funding by 25 percent. (full article)

To Save Libraries, Rally Goers Don’t Use Their Library Voices
September 10, 2009, WLAJ

Libraries change lives, that’s the message that was given today at a rally to maintain library funding in-front of the state’s capitol building.

Rally goers protested the state senate’s proposal to give libraries $7.5 million dollars in funding, as opposed to the state house proposal for $10 million. (full article)

Librarians Seek To Preserve E-Library Funding
September 10, 2009, Gongwer News Service

Several hundred librarians thanked Governor Jennifer Granholm for her executive order revisions, but gathered Thursday in Lansing to urge her and legislators to retain at least $10 million for the Michigan e-Library.

The Senate-passed budget would cut the e-library, or MEL, which allows online access to books and otherdocuments in the Library of Michigan holdings, and MEL-Cat, an online inter-library exchange system, to$7.5 million. But library supporters said that would risk loss of $5 million in federal funds to the program. (full article)

Librarians Swarm Capitol, House Takes No Action On HAL
September 10, 2009, MIRS
Librarians, genealogists and their supporters rallied outside the Capitol today to show support for the continued funding of library services, such as the Michigan eLibrary (MeL) online lending system and other Library of Michigan collections.  (full article)

Granholm to board: Find ways to preserve historical, library resources
September 9, 2009, Detroit News

Gov. Jennifer Granholm issued an order Wednesday to make sure Michigan’s library and historical collections are maintained and an online resource sharing network is preserved after the state dissolves the Department of History, Arts and Libraries on Oct. 1. (full article)

A peek at the future? Some Saginaw County libraries will close during Thursday Lansing protest
September 7, 2009, Saginaw News

If you’re planning a trip to the library Thursday, you may find the doors locked.

Many rural libraries will close for the day while staff and supporters rally at 10 a.m. on the steps of the state Capitol in support of the Michigan Library Association’s efforts to raise awareness about state budget cuts. (full article)

Editorial: Library move misguided
September 4, 2009, Traverse City Record Eagle

A lot happens in Michigan’s state and local libraries, much of which apparently is taken for granted, undervalued and misunderstood by state leaders.

It’s the only way to explain Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s misguided Executive Order 2009-36 that would irreparably damage the Library of Michigan and its invaluable historical collections forever in an attempt to save$2 million and start a more “entrepreneurial” and “modern” Center for Innovation and Redesign.  (full article)

Public library funding is being threatened by our state government
September 3, 2009, Ann Arbor.com

Libraries are under enormous pressure in difficult economic times as citizens use their libraries to search for jobs online, write resumes, file for unemployment, file for disability, often all via the internet for little to no cost.

As Michigan transitions to a knowledge‐based economy dependent on technology and information, Michigan’s libraries play a crucial role. Without the services of MeL online subscriptions, MeLCat interlibrary loan and MeL Tests and Tutorials, we will be crippling our residents. ( full letter to the editor)

Michigan Governor Agrees To Prioritize Support for Two Programs, Revise State Librarian Position
August 31, 2009, Library Journal

Vigorous advocacy by library supporters in Michigan has pushed Gov. Jennifer Granholm to modify her July 13 Executive Order with a directive prioritizing continued support and funding for the statewide library book and electronic material sharing programs, Michigan eLibrary (MeL) and Michigan eLibrary Catalog (MeLCat), as well as ensuring that a State Librarian position remains, even if the job is no longer a political appointment.

While the Michigan Library Association (MLA) has withdrawn its opposition to the Executive Order and applauded Granholm’s response, the MLA is still holding a rally September 10 to protest proposed legislative cuts in state support for the programs Granholm agreed to prioritize: interlibrary loans and online databases.  (full article)

Cuts threaten public libraries
August 30, 2009, Livingston Daily

Libraries are under enormous pressure in difficult economic times as citizens use their libraries tosearch for jobs online, write resumes, file for unemployment and file for disability, often all via the Internet with little or no direct cost to the user.

As Michigan transitions to a knowledge-based economy dependent on technology and information, Michigan’s libraries play a crucial role. Without the services of Michigan eLibrary (MeL) online subscriptions, MeLCat interlibrary loan and MeL tests and tutorials, we will be crippling our residents. ( full letter to the editor)

State Senate votes to spare history, arts agency
August 28, 2009, Detroit Free Press

The state Senate voted Thursday to reject Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s executive order toabolish the Department of History, Arts and Libraries and transfer its functions to the Department of Education and other state agencies to save money.

Two Democrats — Glenn Anderson of Westland and Michael Switalski of Roseville — joined theRepublican majority in a 22-13 vote to void Granholm’s order. The order still would take effect unless theDemocratic-controlled House rejects it by Sept. 11.
(full article)

Mich. Senate rejects Granholm’s cultural department order
August 27, 2009, Detroit News

The Republican-controlled Michigan Senate has voted 22-13 to reject an executive order from Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm to abolish the state Department of History, Arts and Libraries and disperse its functions among a half-dozen other state agencies.

The Senate voted mostly along party lines Thursday to reject Granholm’s order. The chamber also voted to move the cultural department’s functions to the secretary of state’s office. (full article)

Closing the book on the state library is no vision
August 26, 2009, City Pulse

Hey, does anyone want to buy one of the nation’s top 10 genealogy collections?

You know, trace your ancestors back to the 1700s. See which cool historical figures you’re related to.

Right now digging for your roots is free at the Library of Michigan. But since the state is flat broke and Gov. Jennifer Granholm has turned the Library and Historical Center into a garage sale, the entire collection is on the market, much like about everything else in the Library.

Interested in Michigan History magazine? Name your price.

Michigan’s rare book collection, documents, general reference books — just about any large collection inside that gorgeous building off Allegan Street near downtown Lansing could be moved to Michigan State University, Cooley Law School, the Prince´s Palace of Monaco, wherever the best deal may be.

Right now, Gov. Jennifer Granholm and the rest of state government are only in the business of putting our dwindling tax money into “essential services.” The state Library doesn’t fall into that category. (full article)

Couraud: Library cuts mean losses, not savings, for Michigan
August 26, 2009, Lansing State Journal

The Library of Michigan is more than a building. It is the visionary leader of the library community. It is the visual representation of how libraries have collaborated to become more efficient and cost effective. But these successes are being ignored by the Michigan Senate in its budget and by Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm in her executive order.

Under the tremendous vision and leadership of the State Library of Michigan, the library community -universities, community colleges, public, private, K-12, special libraries – all joined together to do what government only dreams about. They united to achieve statewide group purchasing and resourcesharing, saving millions of dollars for libraries across the state benefiting all Michigan residents. (full article)

State committee continues talks on libraries
Detroit News, August 26, 2009

Lansing — A Michigan Senate committee is continuing its debate over the future of a state department dealing with libraries and the arts.

The Senate Commerce and Tourism Committee has scheduled a Wednesday meeting to hear testimony about a recent executive order from Gov. Jennifer Granholm that would abolish the Michigan Department of History, Arts and Libraries.

Some Senate Republicans want to reject Granholm’s executive order and instead transfer the department to the Michigan Secretary of State’s office.  (full article)

Librarians fear cuts will affect research access
August 17, 2009, Kalamazoo Gazette

Area genealogy groups fear proposed cuts in statewide library funding will limit access to research data.

Local libraries are concerned the cuts might lead to a loss of online databases.

Patrons are simply bracing for the worst.

The uncertainty among local library users centers on Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s recent executive order to dissolve the Department of Histories, Arts and Libraries and divide its functions among various departments. That includes dismantling the Library of Michigan and divvying up the genealogical collection at the Michigan Library and Historical Center. All the facilities are in Lansing.  (full article)

Library cuts dim Michigan’s past, diminish its future
No way to treat state history
August 16, 2009, Detroit Free Press

There is no place quite like the rarefied air inside a library’s archival reading room. The smell of oxidized India ink; the feel of aging linen fibers woven into an old and ornate paper document; the thrill of touching history with your fingertips, even while wearing white cotton gloves.

Anyone who has researched his or her family tree or been interested in local or regional history knows that old documents, books and photographs are fragile and can be damaged easily. Here in Michigan, though, it isn’t skin oil, rough handling, sunlight or even humidity endangering our documented history; it’s Gov. Jennifer Granholm.  (full article)

Library of Michigan Crisis Update
August 14, 2009, Global Gazette

This article is an update to previous articles that outline the Governor of Michigan’s plan to close Michigan’s state library, and the grass-roots effort to reverse the decision before it is too late.

Your support is needed to help save the historical collection of the Library of Michigan. If Michigan is able to shut down its state library without public reaction, other state and provincial libraries will be next.  (full article)

ALA president Camila Alire releases statement on plan to divide Library of Michigan assets
August 6, 2009, American Library Association Press Release

Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm has issued an executive order closing the Michigan Department of History, Arts and Libraries, abolishing the position of state librarian and parceling out its assets.

The following statement was released by American Library Association (ALA) President Camila Alire in response to those actions.

“Scattering the library’s resources would destroy the integrity of the state library system. These resources were funded by the people, belong to the people and should remain intact. This is more than just shutting down a department. This tarnishes the position, influence and stature of the library community and state library. (full release)

450 protest plan to split state library collection
Genealogists say research would become difficult
August 6, 2009, Lansing State Journal

Wayne Loney can trace his roots back nearly three centuries to his ancestral homeland in what now is Germany.

But the Plainwell man worries an executive order by Gov. Jennifer Granholm could break up the genealogical collection at the Michigan Library and Historical Center and make it harder for family researchers to chronicle their past.

“This is one of the top libraries for genealogy research,” said Loney, 63, a former police officer who became a genealogical sleuth in retirement. “This would make it incredibly difficult (to do research). It’s insane.” (full article)

No Timetable On HAL
August 6, 2009, MIRS

Time is running out to salvage the Department of History, Arts and Libraries (HAL) dismantled in the Governor’s Executive Order last month, but Senate GOP leaders say they’re not giving up.

About 500 people this week showed up to protest HAL’s impending demise, even surrounding the Library of Michigan. The event was organized by the Michigan Genealogical Council. (full article)

Michigan Library Association Opposes Plan to Divide Library of Michigan Assets and Slash Funding
August 4, 2009, MLA Press Release

The Michigan Library Association board of directors today expressed serious concern with Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s plan to divide state library assets and the Senate-passed budget that would slash statewide library funding.

“The library community opposes the Governor’s Executive Order because it diminishes the position, influence and stature of the library community and the State Library of Michigan without recognizing the value of the resources,” said Larry Neal, Michigan Library Association President. “The cost savings and effective delivery of statewide library services achieved through the leadership of the Library of Michigan and the collaboration, group purchasing and resource sharing of the entire statewide library community are being ignored as well.”  (full release)

Association: Granholm Fails To Recognize Importance of Libraries
August 4, 2009, Gongwer News Service

Saying important resources have been put in jeopardy by an executive order that breaks up much of the functions of the Library of Michigan, the Michigan Library Association has opposed the action in Governor Jennifer Granholm’s Executive Order 2009-36 which could diminish the role of libraries in the state.

In a statement, the organization said it did not specifically oppose eliminating the Department of History, Arts and Libraries and understood the need for the state to save money. But Larry Neal, president of the association, said it was baffling why the order calls for a break up of the library without actual cost savings or a recognition of the central role libraries play. (full article)


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